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Unlock the Benefits of AI with our expert solutions

Our AI implementations enhance document processing in judicial, corporate, real estate, and banking sectors, streamlining case management, compliance, and transactions.

We are working with our clients to implement object detection solutions for robotics applications and comprehensive data analysis in the medical field, enhancing reporting capabilities and enabling robust predictive analytics.

Helps you make data-driven decisions

Enhances document management and compliance efficiency

Enables predictive analytics for enhanced decision-making

Automates tender documentation creation based on data analysis

How We have Recently Leveraged AI for Our Clients

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Learn about the four key ways we collaborate with our clients using AI to drive success.

Read below about the benefits of our AI projects across various use cases, and discover how our technology can address your specific needs.

SmartBid AI: Transforming the Construction Tendering process

Advanced AI technology to revolutionize the tendering process in the construction industry, enhancing efficiency and accuracy:

  • automated Tender Document Creation
  • increased Process Efficiency
  • predictive Analytics
  • process Optimization

AI Document Processing: Advanced Data Extraction and Summarisation

AI Doc Processing enhances operational efficiency by automating data extraction, document summarization and comparison:

  • precision Data Extraction
  • document Summarization
  • automatic Document Filling
  • document Comparison

Obstacle Detection for Robotic Navigation

Enhance robotic efficiency with our AI-driven obstacle detection pilot, utilizing ROS 2 for seamless navigation:

  • advanced Object Identification
  • ROS 2 Integration
  • seamless Navigation
  • task Optimization

AI Correlate: Data Insights to Forecast Trends and Personalize Medicine

Designed to analyze vast datasets, uncovering insights and correlations that power predictive models, forecasting critical health outcomes and personalizing medical treatments:

  • comprehensive Data Analysis
  • advanced Predictive Modeling
  • Personalized Medicine

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A brief history of Artificial Intelligence

John McCharthy coined the term artificial intelligence in 1956 and organized a dedicated conference. Between 2005-2019 many innovations were using AI on the market: speech recognition, robotic process automation, dancing robots, smart homes and so on. 


In 2020, with the help of AI, medical professionals released the vaccine for COVID-19.


Discover how we leverage AI to revolutionize document processing.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

There are 4 types of AI:


The machines don’t have any memory or data they can work with. They just observe and act on the best possibility.

Limited memory

The machine has limited memory but they collect previous data and continue to add it on top of what they already have.

Theory of mind

This AI is still under development. It is capable of understanding feelings and interacting socially.

Self Aware

Self Aware machines are yet to be built, but they are considered to be the future of technology.

Do you want to use AI for your business?

There are 4 types of AI: reactive, limited memory, theory of mind and self-aware

There are many technologies of AI. Some of them: natural language generation, speech recognition, virtual agents, decision management etc.

Some examples of AI: self-driven cars, smart assistant, automated financial investment etc.

AI represents any technique that enables computers to mimic human intelligence. Machine learning is a subset of AI that enables machines to improve at tasks with experience.

Yes, machine learning is a type of AI.

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