Software Architecture Services

It’s never too early to start with the right architecture

We use the IDesign method to create a solid foundation for your business architecture. A foundation that will pass the test of time and countless features requests.

How does this work

The main goal of the methodology that we use is to identify volatilities. We do this by following a 3 steps process:

Extract core use cases

This tells us what the system should generally be able to do.

Find volatilities

Map a list of changes that might appear over time and map how to tackle them.

Design the system architecture and the project

We will create a tailor-made architecture for your product and use the use cases we identified to validate that the architecture works for your project. This step will also include giving you options for staffing and timelines.

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Software architecture is the organization of a system that includes all the components and the way they interact with each other

There are many different patterns: Client-Server, Event-Driven pattern, Microservice pattern.