Who we are

We are problem solvers, solutions seekers, innovators and nothing excites us more than someone telling us that it can’t be done. We spent our last 25 years perfecting our skills and connecting with entrepreneurs that hold a bigger vision for how things should work.

We’ve been through the highs and the lows of building products from scratch and spent countless hours finding the right solutions to our challenges.

We’ve also experienced 2 Exits and witnessed the skyrocketing growth of a product we worked on. We like to keep our code clean and have systems that offer the flexibility and transparency you need. We are engineers so we know how to make things work and we have the business perspective to know what will sell. We don’t just build products. We have the knowledge and experience of building full scalable products which run worldwide for hundreds of customers on a daily basis.


We made it our mission to create a company where our clients and colleagues feel at ease with their work.


Values are an important part of our decision-making process. We do everything based on these 3:

Culture first

We work with people that are passionate about what they are doing, that speak tech fluently and are constant learners. We believe that a great attitude combined with passion and hardwork can transform someone into their best self.


Flexibility is key in everything we do. We know that customers have their idea of how the product should work. We are ready to adapt to the trajectory whenever it changes while keeping in sight the vision of the product we
are building.


Your product is our product and we know how important it is to have full transparency about the process. We value transparency in communication, systems and relationships. With us, you know every step of the way what to expect and what is happening.


Meet the team

We told you about transparency and we mean it!
This is what you should expect when working with us:

Partner attitude

When working with us, don’t expect mindless implementation. We act as partners. We will tell you if there is a better solution than the one you have imagined. We will do our best to find the right solution in terms of budget, timeline and efficiency.


We understand how things change in a matter of seconds. Since our mission is to give you peace of mind, we will keep being adaptable to your needs


We treat every client and every project with respect. Respect for the time, budget and people involved. We expect the same amount of respect in return. We don’t work with disrespectful people.

What we don’t promise

Most companies will praise themselves and try to convince you they offer all you need. Here is how you know we might not be the best fit for you: