Who we are

Welcome to CODE INDUSTRY, Innovators with a Global Impact. We are a dynamic fusion of top-level IT experts and accomplished business professionals. Driven by our guiding principle “Innovating Locally, Impacting Globally,” we create software solutions that resonate across the globe while maintaining a strong local relevance.

Expertise and Achievement: Our journey has led us across continents …

… enriching our work with diverse insights and experiences, including 2 successful exits and the significant growth of products we have developed. We pride ourselves on writing clean code and creating systems with the flexibility and transparency our clients deserve.

Engineering Meets Business Acumen: As engineers with a keen business perspective, we understand what it takes to make things work and what will sell. We do not just build products; we craft scalable, impactful solutions used daily by hundreds of customers worldwide.

Ethics and Innovation in Harmony: We believe in the power of ethical innovation. Our approach combines game-changing creativity with a principled spine, focusing on technology that propels businesses forward and supports our global community.

Your Vision, Our Mission: Partnering with us means engaging with a team that values your vision. We transform ideas into realities, ensuring each project, big or small, receives our full commitment to excellence and innovation.

Join Us in Shaping a Confident Future: we are a trusted partner providing unwavering certainty and support to businesses. Our commitment to genuine, ethical, and innovative solutions ensures that we are a reliable force in the market, consistently delivering excellence and stability.


We blend local innovation with a vision for global change. Our mission is to craft not just technically superior software, but solutions that make a real impact. We are about transforming ideas into digital experiences that resonate worldwide, revolutionizing how technology enriches lives.


Values lie at the heart of our approach at Code Industry. They guide our every decision, shaping the way we move forward. Here are the three core principles that define our actions:

Culture first

We work with people that are passionate about what they are doing, that speak tech fluently and are constant learners. We believe that a great attitude combined with passion and hard work can transform someone into their best self.

Client centric

We prioritize understanding and aligning with our clients’ visions, transforming their ideas into impactful digital solutions. We are dedicated to close partnerships, valuing our clients’ ideas, and committing to excellence in every project, regardless of its size.

Ethical Innovation

We are deeply committed to ethical innovation. Our approach uniquely blends game-changing creativity with principled practices. We focus on developing technology that not only drives business success but also contributes positively to the global community.


Meet the team

We told you about transparency and we mean it!
This is what you should expect when working with us:

Partner attitude

When working with us, don’t expect mindless implementation. We act as partners. We will tell you if there is a better solution than the one you have imagined. We will do our best to find the right solution in terms of budget, timeline and efficiency.


We understand how things change in a matter of seconds. Since our mission is to give you peace of mind, we will keep being adaptable to your needs


We treat every client and every project with respect. Respect for the time, budget and people involved. We expect the same amount of respect in return. We don’t work with disrespectful people.

What we don’t promise

Most companies will praise themselves and try to convince you they offer all you need. Here is how you know we might not be the best fit for you: